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Have you ever listened to a doctor’s advice and thought, “Quack!”?

It happens.

Perhaps his medical skills were impeccable, but his advice failed to consider you and your non-medical needs.

One of my wife’s neurologists pushed her to consider having a third child. “Pregnancy reduces the symptoms of MS,” he stated.

“It also results in another child!”, my wife countered. “And I know I won’t have the stamina for that when the MS symptoms return!”

I was reminded of the pregnancy and Multiple Sclerosis issue while reading the latest issue of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation’s Support Group News, a newsletter promoting participation in support groups. (Free subscriptions are available at http://www.msfocus.org).

“Moms with MS Form Online Community” describes an online community founded by Kristin Bennett exclusively for mothers and mothers-to-be who are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The “Moms with MS” website requires registration – which I didn’t do because I’m not a mom.

However, based on the information in the Support Group News article about MomsWithMS.com, if you’re a mom or “mom to be”, I suggest you explore the MomsWithMS website. This online support group has 450 members and is doing great things to provide support and information for moms with multiple sclerosis.

Resource: MomsWithMS.com

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