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I’m sure this handy online tool has been available for a while, but today I discovered a wonderful medication interaction checker on Drugs.com.

Drugs.com offers an Interactions Checker which displays the potential interactions between two or more medications. Or between medications and food. After you agree to the terms of service, you can enter a list of medications, click “Check Interactions”, and see a list of the drug/food interactions ranked by potential risk: Major, Moderate or Minor.

A nice feature is being able to choose between the Professional and the Consumer report of interactions. Of course, the Consumer version is written to be less technical/medical. However, having access to the Professional version offers more details. Another nice feature is that the Interaction Checker allows you to save lists of medications so one is not required to re-enter long lists of medications.
Drugs.com’s Interaction Checker is now in my saved bookmarks!

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