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“Follow the money,” is a truism that many appreciate.  Often, simply knowing who paid for something gives one a good idea of who “owns” the message.

So here’s the logical question for readers to ask when they read MSCaregiver.com, “Who pays for this blog, MSCaregiver.com?”  In fact, this is a question you must ask of any information source, “Who is paying to present this information?  Who funds this message?”

The quick answer is for MSCaregiver.com is, “I am.  I’m Rick Wheat.  My wife has Multiple Sclerosis and I’m an MS caregiver.”  The financial costs of maintaining this blog (and most blogs) are minimal … only $1 per month for hosting and a few more bucks a year for the domain name.

Why is it important for readers to know who pays for MSCaregiver.com?  Because you need to know that no one is paying for advertising here and no one is paying me to write content.  I write what I wish, about what I think may be helpful, and about what I’ve found to be helpful to me and my wife.  I write it because I want to offer support to others who care for a person with Multiple Sclerosis.

A nice thing about not being paid for my efforts here is that I can write when I wish.  Follow MSCaregiver.com long enough and you’ll notice that sometimes I write frequently, other times I take frequent breaks.

Now that you know this blog is not a commercial endeavor, but about my own personal experiences, I hope you’ll share what works for you.  If you have something to offer, sign up and share your comments!

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