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In research titled, “Caregivers: Expectations and Lifestyle Sacrifices“, the results indicate baby boomers expect to make significant financial sacrifices in order to care for loved ones. The report was produced by Bankers Life Center for a Secure Retirement. The findings will surprise no one who cares for a loved one with multiple sclerosis. We understand multiple sclerosis and lifestyle sacrifices.

Among the survey’s findings:

“Nearly all (92%) middle-income Boomers are willing to make lifestyle sacrifices to provide care to a family member or loved one.”

“A majority of middle-income Boomers (65%) would prefer to receive care in their current home, although more than one-third (37%) of those believe their home would need modifications in order to accommodate caregiving.”

Caregivers: Expectations and Lifestyle Sacrifices” is not specific to multiple sclerosis. Rather, it focuses on baby boomers’ general expectations about caregiving.
The study participants responded to an Internet-based survey of a nationwide sample of 1,500 middle-income Americans age 54 to 72.

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