Multiple Sclerosis Newsletters Are Worth Reading

I remember life before the Internet. I often think of it the same way I did photocopiers when I was in college in the 80’s. Standing before a copier in the library, working through a stack of reference books I couldn’t take to my dorm, I’d make copies of pages to support a paper I would write that evening. I would wonder, “How did people do research before copiers?”

Now I wonder, “How did people gather new information before the Internet?”

In celebration of easy access to important information about Multiple Sclerosis, I offer this list of Multiple Sclerosis-related newsletters which are certainly worth reading:

The Motivator : Published online and on paper by the MSAA, The Motivator is MSAA’s 48-plus page quarterly magazine which highlights and explains many vital issues of importance to readers affected by MS.

MSFocus Magazine, Support Group News and MSFYi : These three are published by the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

MS in focus : Published by the Multiple Sclerosis Internation Foundation, MS in focus is for “People with MS, their carers, healthcare professionals and support groups (who) will find the following areas of MS in focus invaluable: rehabilitation; quality of life and lifestyle; treatments; MS society projects and programmes; and the activities of the global MS community.”

Momentum : Published by the National MS Society, this magazine was formerly known as InsideMS.

So, on a cold, wintery day, grab your computer, visit the web sites listed above and take advantage of free information about MS. You’ll read about things you know already, but you’re also almost guaranteed to learn something new!

Caregiver Tip: Stay on top of current information by using the resources available to you on the Internet.

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