Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF) Offers Free Resources

An important resource for MS patients and caregivers is the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (or MSF). The mission of the MSF is to “ensure the best quality of life for those coping with MS by providing comprehensive support and educational programs.”

The quickest way to begin taking advantage of the free resources offered by the MSF is to visit the MSF web site. There you’ll find information about MS; links to information about support programs, grants, patient services; free online publications and fact sheets and information for health care professionals.

MSF’s publications include MSFocus magazine and Support Group News, both available at no cost to MS patients, relatives, caregivers and healthcare professionals. Also, MSFYi is a free email newsletter about the latest developments in MS research and treatment. Visit the MSF Magazines and Newsletters page to subscribe to any of these publications.

All MSF services, information, literature and subscriptions to publications are provided free of charge.

Caregiver Tip: Because of the current wild Winter weather, one of the most appropriate MSF articles to start with is “Emergency Planning“.

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