How Do You Pray?

It’s Sunday.

In the medical literature one frequently reads, “there is no cure for Multiple Sclerosis.”

So, do you pray your loved one will be cured?

Or do you pray the disease process will be kind? Do you pray for a long time between relapses? Do you pray for courage as you face a foreboding future? Do you pray at all?

I pray.

However, I don’t pray for a miraculous healing. I can’t pray that, because I really don’t expect it’s possible. Whether that’s weak faith or simply a keen awareness of reality, I’ve always found it difficult to ask God for something I think is impossible to receive.

We’ve all heard stories about people who have been impossibly cured of diseases. In many cases, I’ve also learned later their “cure” was only a remission and their disease had come back as mean as before. I don’t think God will tweak the laws of physics because I want Him to do a miracle for my wife.

I believe it’s miracle enough that He is present in our lives.

In terms of her Multiple Sclerosis, I thank God for my wife and for our relationship. I thank Him for loving us. I pray for stamina. I pray for a kind heart. I pray for courage. I pray for patience. I pray I’ll be a wise caregiver. I pray for very long periods of time between her relapses. I pray I’ll always be able to afford her medical care. I pray I’ll live long enough to care for her for all of her days. I pray I’ll always be a blessing to her. I pray I’ll always be as strong as situations require. I pray for goodness and mercy.

I pray for others I know who are MS patients or MS caregivers. I pray for the scientists and doctors who are working on a cure and wish them God-speed.

It’s Sunday. Today and every day, there is much to pray for.

Caregiver Tip: Prayer is an important resource for a caregiver.

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