Even God rested

It’s Sunday.  In many cultures, this is a day of rest.

Do you find it difficult to slow down and catch your breath? In the best of situations, finding time to relax can be difficult. However, even brief breaks help.

This afternoon I bulk-loaded some Kodak Plus-X125 black and white film, grabbed my old Pentax and laid down in the yard to take some macro shots of the blooming daffodils and budding roses. I haven’t taken pictures like this in more than 20 years and it felt great.

I wasn’t in the yard more than 30 minutes. But the 30 minutes were exquisite. The sky is crispy blue, the few small clouds are scattered far apart, the breeze is cool and bouncy, the temp is perfect and the humidity is low. In other words, it’s the perfect day to lay in the grass with my old lens a few inches from a bright, yellow daffodil.

Scripture notes that on the seventh day of creation even God rested. I can tell you, it sure feels good.

Caregiver Tip: Take a rest!

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