Doing Your Best

“Doing Your Best When You Can’t Make It Better” has been the tagline of this blog since I started it. I think the tagline may express too much futility. Maybe I was having a bad day or month when I wrote it.

Today, I’m changing the tagline to something much more positive and more reflective of what the MSCaregiver blog has become: “Tips and Info for Multiple Sclerosis Caregivers”. The content will not change because of the new tagline. Nor will anything else about the blog change. I just realized I’m tired of the “can’t make it better” notion.

In fact, that initial phrase, “doing your best when you can’t make it better,” is the antithesis of what caregivers do. We do make it better. I know my wife is healthier and happier as a consequence of me doing my best to make things better. Her life is better.

New idea! The tagline will be, “Doing Your Best Does Make it Better“. I’ll try that for a while and see how it feels.

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