Curing Multiple Sclerosis

It’s Sunday. Our youngest daughter’s choir sang this morning. My wife and I sat on the back pew so we could make an early exit after hearing the children’s choir. My wife’s ears were stuffed with cotton because of her migraine. We skipped out early so she could find a cold, dark place to tough out the migraine. My wife is an incredible Mom.

I don’t know how to prove or disprove it, but I wonder if some of her migraines may be an indication of demyelination or myelin being damaged. Unfortunately, even if one knew demyelination were actively occurring there’s little that can be done to stop it. If one could stop it, I suppose we’d have to call that a cure?

And here’s what I wonder about a “cure”. If a cure is developed for MS, it would probably only mean the disease would be stopped. A whole different issue is then presented. Once the disease is halted, how does one replace myelin around demyelineated neurons? And, if one can “re-myelinate” a neuron, will the old neuron start sparking again?

It seems to me that curing a person of Multiple Sclerosis will require multiple cures; halting the disease and also restoring lost function to scarred nerve cells.

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