Consider the Door Lever

Sometimes it really is the little things that make it easier for an MS patient. Think about a door knob. Door knobs are simple and elegant in design. One simply squeezes the knob and turns it. If one has a good grip, that is. Without a firm grip, door knobs can be frustrating.

Replacing the standard, round door knobs with door levers is a small, do it as you can, project that is a good example of the type of simple modifications one can do to enhance the living environment of an MS patient.

Door knobs with the lever-type handles are easier to open than the round knobs that must be held and turned. The offset handle makes it easy, too, to open a door with both hands full. By simply pressing down on the lever the door can be opened.

Replacement door levers come with instructions and, if one is skilled with a screwdriver, the replacement is not too complicated. However, if the work seems beyond your ability, there are probably plenty of folks who would be happy to help you at no charge if you explain the reason you need to install the new door levers.

Enough door levers for a whole house can be purchased at one time or you can buy them one-by-one as you replace the knobs. One per month spreads the cost out over time. I replaced the door knobs with door levers in our house and I think I paid about $15 each for those that do not lock (like for a closet) and $25 for those that do (like you would want on a bathroom door). My wife would caution, “make sure they all match!

Caregiver Tip: Small changes to the living environment can greatly enhance an MS patient’s ability to live comfortably.

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  1. Laura Bruch said:

    New to the site. My roommate (obviously) has MS and seems to be either in an ex… (you know what I mean: down turn) or having a reaction to one of the latest oral meds. It’s tough to watch, I hope to learn from you others.

    August 15, 2010

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