7-Day Pill Boxes

I don’t remember if I took the medicine to help me remember things,” my wife told me last night, “so I didn’t take it in case I already did.”

This morning I’ve searched the Internet for a way to organize her medications which will make it obvious for her that she has taken them or not. The solution I’m looking for seems to be called a 7-day pill box and there are many different styles available.

Later today I’ll visit the local drugstores and see if I can find one locally. From my search of the web, I think I want one that has 4 compartments for each day, it will not open too easily (to avoid spills), and it will be clearly labeled in terms of day of the week and time of medication administration (morning, noon, evening, bedtime). I also want one that has rounded compartment bottoms. This will make it easy to remove the pills from their compartments. I imagine some of her smaller pills could easily hide in the corners or edges of a square-bottomed compartment.

Fortunately, from my online search, it looks like pill boxes are among the least expensive medical supplies. Most that meet the criteria I’ve listed are only a little more than $10.00. Though, I’m guessing they’ll be a little more than that if purchased locally.

Caregiver Tip: Before you buy something you’ve never before purchased, search the Internet and learn as much as you can. For example, comparing 20 pill boxes online makes it easier to choose the best features to meet your needs.

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