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Posts published in March 2008

If I Were Only Allowed One Book about Multiple Sclerosis

If I were only allowed to choose one book about Multiple Sclerosis, it would be Louis Rosner's, "Multiple Sclerosis: New Hope and Practical Advice for People with MS and Their Families". It's an excellent book that in simple language covers all one needs to know. The latest edition includes up-to-date information about new MS research and treatments.


Why don't I exercise? Probably for the same reason many caregivers fail to exercise: it requires an investment of time and time is always in short supply. That sounds like a good excuse, but I know it's not. I have no good excuse. I should buy a bike and hit the road. Maybe start running. Something.

Leg Hours

“I need more Leg Hours in a day!” You’ve heard the term “man hours” before.  I heard my wife use a new term today.  It’s…