Rick on October 31st, 2007

When someone asks you if you want the good news or the bad news first, which do you choose? I prefer the bad news first because then the good news sounds even better. Of course, some days you only get the bad news. Yesterday, after her neurologist conducted an EMG on her leg, she had […]

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Rick on October 28th, 2007

There is evil in the world. Those who take advantage of persons with Multiple Sclerosis and other diseases should receive a special punishment. At the very minimum, the pendulum of justice that swings slowly through the universe should whack them in the back of the head as it passes by. I had intended to write […]

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Rick on October 25th, 2007

I took a flu shot earlier this week. Afterwards, my youngest daughter and I were talking about influenza, how it spreads and why vaccinations are important. She was uncharacteristically silent for a few moments after we finished the flu conversation. Then she asked me the question I’ve dreaded, “Daddy, will I get MS when I […]

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Rick on October 23rd, 2007

A couple of years ago I heard from someone I hadn’t seen in a long time. She had heard about my wife’s MS and had something for me. I don’t remember exactly what it was she was selling, but she assured me it cured MS. And that it was good for a lot of other […]

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Rick on October 22nd, 2007

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society offers an excellent online brochure titled, “Fatigue: What You Should Know – A Guide for People with Multiple Sclerosis”. The introduction explains MS-related fatigue, the but the best part is the “causes and Treatments” section. It offers treatment options for breathing and movement problems as well as a list of […]

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Rick on October 21st, 2007

It’s Sunday. Our youngest daughter’s choir sang this morning. My wife and I sat on the back pew so we could make an early exit after hearing the children’s choir. My wife’s ears were stuffed with cotton because of her migraine. We skipped out early so she could find a cold, dark place to tough […]

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Rick on October 16th, 2007

I’m sure it’s because MSCaregiver.com is too new to make it into search engine results that it didn’t make the Brain Cheese list of 100 Blogs written about or by someone with Multiple Sclerosis. The list of 100 MS-related blogs a handy resource you’ll want to explore.

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Rick on October 6th, 2007

While searching for a solution to my wife’s driving difficulties I came across NMEDA.org. It’s the website of The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. From the website: “NMEDA is a non-profit trade association of mobility equipment dealers, driver rehabilitation specialists, and other professionals dedicated to broadening the opportunities for people with disabilities to drive or […]

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Rick on October 6th, 2007

My wife’s right leg is not cooperating with her brain the way it should.  A podiatrist’s exam and x-rays ruled out any damage or disorder of the foot. Her foot and ankle are fine. But she’s not able to press the accelerator and brake with enough force to drive safely. Fortunately, she doesn’t like to […]

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Rick on October 1st, 2007

If you pay too much attention to the news you will soon develop a whop-sided view of reality. It won’t be your fault, but it will happen nonetheless. Here’s why: Most of the news on TV and in newspapers is about unpleasantness, trouble, strife and evil. One can quickly become overwhelmed by the disasters, crimes, […]

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